Gwinnett Drain Field Repair

Drain Field RepairMany septic tank issues originate out of a need for drain field repair, and failing drain field can be a serious headache. There are a few different situations where a failing drain field may be the issue. The first is when the soil near the drain field hardens and sludge has nowhere to escape. Once it has nowhere to go, it eventually travels upward into your yard, creating puddles, or wetness. If this is something you are experiencing, you should Contact Simply Septic immediately to avoid further damage to your system or yard.

The second scenario is when dirty water is backing up in your drains. When your septic system is working, it pushes the water through the tank and into the drain field.  If the drains are not accepting water and are backed up, it will cause the drains in your house to clog and become backed up. Water displacement and conservation inside the tank and drain field is extremely important. Failure to perform regular maintenance can lead to a multitude of hazards. If any drain field or water issues happen inside your home, call Simply Septic. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you get them taken care of.

Another way to tell if there is issues with your septic tank is signs of smell and odor. If the drain field is malfunctioning, there will most likely be a foul lingering odor in the air, whether it be in the yard or within the living space. If odor is an issue, it is time to have a technician come to your premises to perform an inspection on your septic system and drain field. Simply Septic can get all of your septic and drain field repairs accomplished in a timely and professional manner.

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